Introduction to D-SLR

Course Objective: Provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to master your Digital SLR. To explain the principals of photography through understanding of ISO’s, Shutter Speed and Aperture, enabling you get your camera off that limiting ‘auto’ mode and start to take full control of your camera and get the shots that you really want.

Target Audience: Anyone seeking to get the most from their cameras, to be able to use their camera in full manual mode realising the full potential of the camera, or you may just need that extra bit of confidence to shoot manually. Understand your ISO’s from your ‘F stops’ and what all this means to the actual photograph!

Course Content:
• File Formats (DNG vs Jpeg)
• ISO Settings and ‘Camera Noise’
• Shutter Speeds and ‘Motion’
• Apertures and ‘Depth of Field’
• Focusing
• Metering
• Colour Balance
• Lens Types
• Composition
• Post processing and editing

Learning Style: The course combines theory based learning in an informal and friendly ‘classroom style’ where you will then apply your learning practically, ‘in the field’, as we leave the classroom to go on a photo shoot. The learning style is very much one to one styled, at a pace you are comfortable with and sessions are held with small groups (each session limited to a maximum of 10 persons). At the end of the day you will be mastering shutter speeds, apertures and ISO’s and have gained the confidence to take your photography to the next level!

What you need: A digital SLR (any brand) or any camera which allows manual control of settings (shutter speed, aperture and ISO), clothes appropriate to the weather and, more importantly, a keen interest in photography!

Course Duration and Cost: This is a 4 hour course which includes an hour ‘in the field’ (weather permitting). Course cost is £35. Refreshments are provided.

Enquiries and Bookings: Please contact me for bookings and/or queries.